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Hyundai Santa Fe Sport: Compact, Stylish & Very Affordable

Let's get the question that everyone asks out of the way first: "What is the difference between the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport?"

This is one we get all the time at our Cumming, GA Hyundai dealership, so it's far from a surprise. The best way to describe the difference between the two vehicles is to characterize the Santa Fe Sport as the "little brother" to the Santa Fe model.

The regular Santa Fe has third row seating while the Santa Fe Sport does not. The Santa Fe Sport is also a bit more compact in size than the Santa Fe and also gets a little better fuel efficiency. You can fit anywhere from 6-7 occupants in the standard Santa Fe while the Santa Fe Sport accommodates five.

Other than that, both models share many of the same features and equipment at the current time. The Santa Fe Sport has become one of Hyundai's most popular models and that's in large part due to the American consumer's newfound passion for crossover vehicles.

Crossovers like the Santa Fe Sport offer great fuel efficiency, versatile cargo carrying capacity, and agile handling. When you go with this Hyundai crossover, you can also count on getting a better value than similar offerings from the "ToyoHondas" of the world.


The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is typically priced considerably less than competition vehicles from those brands. It also comes standard with something neither Toyota nor Honda can provide on any vehicle in their lineup: America's Best Warranty.

You get 10 year/100,000 mile powertrain protection when you go with the Santa Fe. It's also loaded up with features and amenities that the other guys often make you pay extra for, or only include on the higher trim levels. We're probably biased, but we truly believe the Santa Fe Sport is one of the best values in the automotive market.

The question is: what do you think?

The best way to determine that is to come down to our Cumming, GA Hyundai dealership and test drive a Santa Fe Sport model. We'll make sure you get a great deal whether you're buying new or used, or whether you finance or lease.

What's Changed on the 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport?

Other than a new option package that groups together popular features, the 2018 Santa Fe Sport remains essentially the same as last year's model.

Hyundai is making the Santa Fe Sport available in three trim levels this year: Sport (base model), Sport 2.0T, and Sport 2.0T Ultimate.

The base trim in the 2018 Santa Fe Sport lineup is powered by a 2.5L four-cylinder engine that generates 185 horsepower. Step up to the 2.0T and 2.0T Ultimate, and you'll benefit from 2.0L four cylinder turbocharged engine that offers 240 horsepower.

As noted earlier, the 2018 Santa Fe Sport is the "little brother" to Hyundai's 7 passenger three-row Santa Fe. You won't characterize the Santa Fe Sport's cargo area, however, as little. It offers an enormous amount of space for a vehicle of this size, and gives you the freedom and flexibility to haul tons of gear for trips.
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Here's a Look at the History of the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

The genesis of the Santa Fe Sport actually begin with the release of the Hyundai Santa Fe in 2001. The Santa Fe represented the automaker's first foray into the sport utility vehicle market. It was originally offered in front wheel drive and four wheel drive configurations and powered by a standard 2.4L engine.

The Santa Fe sold relatively well during its first years on the market and underwent its first redesign in 2007. The second generation of the Santa Fe featured a more polished exterior style and increase engine power.

The Santa Fe Sport would finally make its appearance in 2014. Hyundai, seeking to capitalize on the growing trend toward more compact-sized crossovers, released the Santa Fe as a smaller option to the Santa Fe. Whereas the Santa Fe offered three row seating with 7 passenger capacity, the Santa Fe Sport was only a two row-seater with space for up to five occupants.

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